Building a Smart Spinal Ligament Injury Practice in 2020

Spinal ligament are the most expensive injuries in an $840 billion per year injury market. There is no more significant injury in the market than a spinal ligament injury. 

Spinal ligament injuries to the lumbar spine are the number one cause of pain and disability in the world today. Spinal ligament injuries to the cervical spine are the number four and number sixth leading cause of disability in the world today. Number four is for neck pain. Number six is for headaches.

These injuries have no competition in the market. However, they also have no competition in the market as far as expertise. 

There’s an idea currently in the market that just because you’re a doctor, you know spinal ligament injuries. I’m here to tell you that the majority of doctors in the market, medical doctors, chiropractic doctors, osteopathic doctors, and physical therapist, do not know how to determine the severity and location of a simple spinal ligament injury. 

If you don’t know how to diagnose exactly where and how bad this injury is, how in the world can you expect to have great results with it?

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Dr. Jeffrey Alan Cronk, DC JD. I have been a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic for over 30 years and I also have a law degree.

For 17 years I practiced as a Doctor of Chiropractic. For the last eight of those 17 years, I specialized in spinal ligament injuries in their diagnosis, in their treatment, and getting very effective treatment results.  

My purpose became helping injury patient with expertise and rapid diagnosis and a treatment plan resulting is a lessening of suffering long term or short term with these injuries. In other words, all of my care in my clinic was geared to get the patient out of pain fast, getting the condition stabilized so it wouldn’t cause them pain and it would cause no interference with their activities of daily living or their work. 

I wanted to do this as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. I also wanted to document in a way that allowed the patient to have access to any or all benefits that they may have been entitled to.  

It was a big goal and I worked tirelessly to achieve it.  

Since then, I have developed a program called SmartInjuryDoctor to help others achieve this goal but without the time consuming processes I had to go through to get where I am today, a leading specialist in the field of injury practice.

During these years, I have set up two national spinal ligament testing companies. Currently I’m the CEO of Spinal Kinetics LLC. 

At Spinal Kinetics we trademarked the term Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, which is nothing more than an excessive motion test. 

All ligament injuries leave excessive motion in the joints behind, so we have an excessive motion test proprietary to Spinal Kinetics. We called it Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis. We called it that because we did not want to be associated with any other methodology or any other term associated with excessive motion testing.

The reason why we want to be separated out is that at Spinal Kinetics we do things a little bit differently than anybody else in the market. 

First of all, on each excessive motion test, two Board Certified Medical Radiologists participate in the study. In other words, the study is performed by one Board Certified Medical Radiologist and then reviewed by another Board Certified Medical Radiologist. 

In the future, we will use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in that same process, to make our excessive motion testing even more accurate.

The reason why we called it CRMA is we wanted CRMA to represent an unbiased test, not performed by the doctor. I highly recommend that doctors do not perform testing in their clinics. 

In injury work because of the medical legal aspect of injury work you want to use Spinal Kinetics testing. The study results are so important in this field, you want it to be done independent and in an unbiased manner so that there is no biasness in the report itself. An objective test, is one that can hold up in cases brought to court.

If the provider who is doing the study is the treating provider, excessive motion is a very significant finding and if it’s inappropriately used or if it’s manipulated in any way, it can be used to show worse results or more significant results than the patient may have. In which case that would be used by the doctor to enrich themselves. No doctor wants to be accused of that; the protection is to do testing that is unbiased, and independent.

I have set up two national testing companies. I’ve set up the system, built and rebuilt the system that we use to actually train our radiologists to use this system. I’ve set up the first online training programs called the SmartInjuryDoctors Program for doctors. I’ve also created the first online training program for attorneys called the SmartInjuryLawyers Program. 

These ligament injuries have been what I devoted my career and life to.

If you want to build a Smart Injury practice in 2020, the first thing to recognize is  there are three secrets that you need to fully understand.

Number one: You need to fully understand that there are so few doctors in the market that know how to accurately diagnose, treat, and document these injuries in a manner that allows the patient access to any benefits they’re entitled to. This makes any doctor who can do this extremely rare. There is no competition in the market. 

Right now if I said to you as you’re reading this, “Do you know how to determine the severity and location of a simple ligament injury?” If you can’t answer that question with no hesitation, then you’re just part of the mass of doctors out there who don’t know how to determine accurately the severity and location of a ligament injury and these are the doctors that will provide you with no competition. 

This market is so wide open to the educated and able.

In my SmartInjuryDoctors Program, I have a SmartInjuryDoctors Training Program. That is where I specifically train you how to accurately determine the severity and location of ligament injuries using excessive motion or MRI when needed. 

Once you have accurately determined how to diagnose this condition and you’ve clinically correlated it accurately with a spinal instability exam, you will understand that you are the solution to acute and chronic pain in the market today and you have a standardized approach to doing it.

Remember in the market today, no chiropractic college in the country, no medical college, no osteopathic college teaches a standardized methodology to determine the severity and location of a simple ligament injury. It’s simply not being done. 

In the SmartInjuryDoctor Program you will be taught this.  Making you highly, highly unique in the market. 

I’m going to give you a sub-component of component number one. With the doctors I quickly realized that some doctors have a hard time with depositions in court trials, so I created a module called the Deposition Mastery Module. It could be called the Court Trial Module. It could be called the Medical Legal Module.

Medical Legal Mastery Module is just a module for the doctor to get more comfortable in depositions or trials. Depositions and trials are some of the easiest things you’re going to do. They’re the easiest money you’re going to make. They can be a source of a lot of referrals, but you need to know how to do them and you need to be comfortable so I created a module for that. That was a sub-module of the doctor’s program.

Number two: You have to train your staff. Running a Smart Spinal Injury practice in 2020 is a team activity. It’s not a sole activity. It’s not something where you know everything and then you don’t train your staff. 

One of the highest ROIs(return on investments) that you will have is training your staff specifically on every aspect of the patient’s care. 

If a patient goes in for a consultation, your staff, I don’t care if they’re your billing staff, if they’re your reception staff, if they’re your office staff, if they’re your office manager, everyone should know what’s going on in that consultation.

Everyone should know what’s going on in an examination. Everyone should know what’s going on in day one. Everybody should know the financial policies. Everybody should be able to tell anybody the financial policies. 

Everyone should know what materials that patient is going to take out of your clinic in day one and read it. Everyone should know in the day two report of findings, what the patient’s going over. 

Everyone should know how you’re explaining the fact that you’re going to send out for an excessive motion test. Everyone should know when you explain the results of an excessive motion test or you explain the results of an MRI, exactly what the patient is going to be told so that if the patient walks out and has further questions anyone in the clinic can answer these questions.

Building a spinal ligament injury clinic that’s highly functional and highly operational gets great results, does great with documentation, is great on reimbursement and is super elevated in referrals is a team activity. 

When I say train your team, I’m not talking about training your team on how to use your scheduling program.  I’m talking about teaching them about what makes you unique in your own injury practice. 

They should know that a person in their community who has an injury should be in your center ASAP. Every staff member should know that, and then they will get behind it.

You have to start to accrue yourself a group of people that are like-minded. 

That’s why we have the SmartInjuryDoctors Facebook Group. 

That’s why we meet once a week in training as a group. 

That’s why we meet once a month in marketing training. 

When you decide that you are going to be the best clinic in your area, that you are going to search out the get the best results, you’re going to get the best results, you are going to find out that there are not many people that are like you.  

The Facebook user group is for like-minded doctors.  It was set up solely so you can be a part of group of others just like you.  It gives you a place you can have a boast from time to time. Or when you are struggling with your own goals, you have a group that you can rely on that can talk to you and reinvigorate you on the main goal. The goal to provide your community with a top notch spinal injury clinic, with a well trained staff.

The SmartInjuryDoctors Staff Training Program is unique and easy for your staff to do. 

In that SmartInjuryDoctors Staff Training Program, I’ve had doctors say, “Man, I wish I’d found this out sooner. Man, I wish I would have trained my staff sooner.” 

A highly trained staff should be able to pull you two to four injury patients a month from not only your patients that are in your clinic but from the community itself. One of the highest ROI is that you can have is training your staff and most doctors don’t do that.

The third secret or the third thing that you have to get good at is you have to learn how to market. 

What does marketing mean? 

Marketing means how you are perceived in the market. That’s all it means. And you get to decide. 

A marketing strategy is deciding how you want to be perceived in the market.

An example of how you might want to be perceived in the market is that you don’t miss injuries. You don’t miss ligament injuries. You are very thorough. You want to be perceived in the market as the doctor who is very, very good at getting results, great at getting treatment results.

You may want to be perceived in the market as someone whose documentation is unbelievably simple and really, really effective. Everybody that reads your documentation can tell exactly what the injuries are, where they are, how bad they are, here’s the consensus that supports it, here’s your treatment, here’s your outcome assessments, here’s your best practices that you adhered to, here’s when you determine maximum medical improvement, here’s if there’s an impairment what you used, what guideline you used. Very, very simple.  Attorneys hunt for doctors like that.

Marketing is nothing more than how you’re perceived in the market. To the patient, you might want to be perceived as extremely thorough, very genuine, and very trustworthy. 

These are all perceptions. This is all marketing. Everything contributes to your marketing message. Everything is being judged and a lot of doctors don’t know that. 

You have to understand how to market. You have to understand the simplicity of marketing and then you have to market.

When I say market, I could also substitute the word advertising. 

Advertising is getting that perception put on to communication lines. Advertising on social media can be a social media posting. Advertising with a newsletter is getting the newsletter out. 

Advertising can also be paid commercial, paid radio, paid newspaper, paid inserts, paid social media re-targeting. That’s all advertising. 

But the biggest thing that you have to learn is what marketing is and how to simply market.

 SmartInjuryDoctors Program, is simply that, a program. 

There’s a SmartInjuryDoctors Training Program. That is where you, the doctor, learn how to be the expert in spinal ligament injuries, how to manage patients better, how to improve your documentation. It just simple and stellar. You will learn how to diagnose better, how to manage patients better and how to document better. That’s your product. That’s what you have to do.

There’s a Staff Training Module. That Staff Training Module has checklists in it.  It goes over each important aspect of what an injury patient is going to do in your clinic.

Staff like to be trained. They like to be competent in their job. They like to be able to answer questions. It makes them feel good and it will improve their longevity, it will improve their productivity, it will improve their morale. They deserve to be trained. They really do. 

There is no higher ROI than training your staff. It is not enough that you know about what to do, they need to know what you do and what they need to do.

Practices that train together grow together and they stay together. They don’t have as much staff turnover. That’s what the SmartInjuryDoctors Staff Training Program is for.

Once you and your staff know what to do, you become very, very fined tuned in your clinic and the patient perceives it. It’s like if you went to a concert and the music was a little out of sync, everyone perceives it and they don’t have as good of an experience. If they come to a concert and the music is beautiful because everything’s in alignment there’s a feeling that they get.

The SmartInjuryDoctors Staff Training Program is designed to train your staff so that you can really become well grooved in as a group. The time to practice is not in the game; the time to practice is before the game. When you go live and you open your doors and you’re handling patients, that’s the game. But how much time do you spend practicing before the game? That’s the SmartInjuryDoctors Program and that’s the beauty of it.

The three main components are the doctors program, the staff training program, and then the marketing program.

In the marketing program, I’m giving you the marketing materials that you need to start doing posts every day in your social media posts. 

You need to get your message out to your community that is aligned with how you want to be perceived in the market and you need to start to saturate that market. 

You need to start to make connections. You need to start to meet attorneys. 

We have an attorney, a referral generation module. We have a medical doctor. You want to go out to medical doctors; we have a medical doctor module. You want to go out to physician’s assistants; we have a physician’s assistant module. You want to go out to the public itself; we have a general public module. 

It becomes very, very easy to take our materials and use them to promote your clinic. The whole idea is to take your product and broadly communicate it out into the market. We give you the resources to do that.

That is essentially the program. 

Now, the last aspect of the program is that we have a fast start program. 

In the fast start program, we have weekly meetings where I’ll show you in 24 weeks how to implement this whole program.

Now, some of you will say, “Oh my Gosh, 24 weeks. Oh my Gosh. Oh my Gosh.” The reason why it’s 24 weeks is I need you to implement as you go. I have found 24 weeks is what it takes to put this information into your practice.  The general practice does not have enough personnel to do it faster that that.

Remember, you can build a house in a day, but you better have a lot of coordinated people. The plumber’s got to be there, electricians got to be there, the supplies have all got to be there, 40 carpenters have got to be there, five carpet layers have got to be there. In other words, if you had a team of maybe 100 people, you could probably put that house together in a day. But a lot of you, you simply do not have that kind of support.

Normal enrollment is a one year program. This is for the self motivated.

But twice a year I start a 24 week program laid out with here’s what you need to do week one. Here’s what you need to do week two, week three, week four. And we meet every single week for the 24 weeks.

You’re on it every single week so you stay focused with what you’re trying to do.

You have to look at the end goal with this. The end goal is that you’re going to be the top clinic in your area. 

Now, what does that do for you personally? 

Makes you highly successful. What does that success look like? 

Success could look like phenomenal income. It can look like the ability to have better cars, better clothes, better houses. Kids have more things that they need. Wife has more things that she needs. Girlfriend has more things. Boyfriend has more things. Husbands have more things that they need. That’s what it looks like.

When you look at this particular program, this program is about helping you to become the absolute expert in your market, increasing your confidence and your understanding in this area so that you can communicate with anybody in your market; top medical people, top hospital administrators, top orthopedist, top neurologists, top surgeons, top, top, top, everybody. That’s what this program is about.

That’s why I started this program and I’m very proud of it.

Now, for those of you that are interested, jump in.  I welcome you! 

To purchase of the program itself, go to the website,  The price for all I have discussed is $4,999. 

In that program you will receive all of the component pieces that I have told you about. 

You become part of a like-minded group of doctors who aren’t out trying to be schemey in the market. They’re not trying any schemes or trying to figure out the old kind of sleazy slimy means by which practices were built in these last two decades. 

This is a new decade and there are new pressures and new things that this market’s going to bear and that’s what this program is all about.

I really would highly suggest that you jump on board, get involved with us, get started and I look forward to seeing you signed up today. I thank you very much for taking the time and giving me your attention in reading this report. Again, I really hope to see you soon. 

Thank you.


Jeffrey A. Cronk, founder SmartInjuryDoctors Program.